Salzburg, Austria

Date of Trip: August 30, 2014

Salzburg, Austria is a wonderful little city (and by little, I mean it’s the fourth-largest city in all of Austria) that I had the pleasure of visiting two weekends ago. It didn’t have the feel of a large, bustling, modern city, which is why I called it little. Salzburg’s main income is tourism, which is pretty shocking since it’s only the birthplace of one of the most famous composers, like, ever. Because of this, there weren’t noisy factories or skyscraper office buildings, which helped to create the ambience of a small, historical city.

IMG_2449Salzburg is listed as a World Heritage Site, and therefore much of the original architecture has been preserved. Not a single shop or restaurant sign is reduced to a nylon banner or plastic lettering- for instance, just check out this McDonald’s sign!

Pretty fancy stuff, huh?

We went on a tour of Salzburg after attending mass at Franziskanerkirche (a fancy name for Franciscan Church) and had lunch at Stieglkeller. After that, we were free to explore the city! …in the pouring rain. Even though the weather put a bit of a wet blanket (hehe) on our plans, I’d rather be rained on in Salzburg, Austria than Ohio! (Sorry, Steubenville). As is the case in most of Europe, we saw beautiful churches, stunning crucifixes and many versions of Michaelangelo’s “Pietà” all over the city. I can’t complain- these are all things I love!

IMG_2516 IMG_3554 IMG_2503

I have really been appreciating the facet of European culture that is cafes. Sitting with a melange at a cafe in Austria for an entire day is not only not considered lethargic, but is actually recommended! A socially acceptable form of laziness! I love Europe. This brings me to one of the highlights of my day in Salzburg. My good friend Mary and I grabbed a leisurely cup of joe at the oldest cafe in Salzburg, Cafe Tomaselli, and shared a slice of Mozart cake.

aaaaa  IMG_3563                Guys, that cafe has been around since 1705 and MOZART WENT THERE. (If you haven’t gotten the drift yet, Mozart is a pretty big deal in Salzburg).

After we had our fill of running around the city, Mary and I had planned to meet up with some other friends for dinner at the Augustiner Keller. It was getting close to the time we were supposed to meet them, so I suggested that we look at the map and start heading in the direction of the restaurant. Mary agreed, but wanted to cross to the next street because she wanted to see what was there. I hesitated; I thought we should figure out where we were and where we needed to go before going somewhere else. We ended up crossing to the next street and walked about twenty feet to see what was there…lo and behold, to our right unfolds the gardens of Mirabell Palace. We accidentally stumbled upon world-famous gardens, and as we stood there looking out at the flowers and fountain, we realized that we were standing on the steps that were used in the filming of “The Sound of Music”! Needless to say, it was a very worthwhile detour. Ladies and gentlemen, don’t let logic overrule your sense of adventure.                              IMG_2553  IMG_2544

Some other highlights:

A lock bridge! Some of the locks were incredibly old, 100 years even!


The fountain from “I Have Confidence” in “The Sound of Music”!


And of course, more tiny plants. 🙂


Auf Wiedersehen, Salzburg!

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